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Why SwingingWheels?

  • Training wheels for all ages!
  • Swingingwheels or a tricycle? We will give you advice that fits your situation.
  • Specialised in stability and safety on your own bike
  • Enjoy your trip with your bicycle carrier containing a Swingingwheels bike!
  • Adjusting to a bike with more than 2 wheels can take some time, our advice is to take a test drive.
  • You will get the chance to take a test drive with a bike that has Swingingwheels training wheels and a tricycle.
  • Our showroom in Ede (the Netherlands) has bikes in different sizes available for a test drive.
  • Swinging Wheels can be installed on bikes ranging from 20 inch (for children) till 28 inch (the largest size available).

Do you want to try the training wheels?

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How it works!


Make an appointment

At Swinging Wheels you have the opportunity to take a trial lesson, this will give you a good impression of whether the Swinging Wheels training wheels can help you. If desired, you can also rent a Swinging Wheels bicycle for a week. The trial lesson (worth € 75) is free of charge when purchasing the Swinging Wheels training wheels!


Try it out for yourself

To avoid a disappointment we always advice our customers to take a test drive, with Swinging Wheels and Standing Wheels. It will take some time to get accustomed. Swinging Wheels are not returned after delivery, assembly and use.


Experience first and then decide

If you’ve already bought the Swinging Wheels training wheels and you are in need of some (extra) training, the training will be free of charge!

Our advice is to always take a test drive before you buy our products (both the Swinging Wheels and the Standing Wheels).

Swinging Wheels


The support when cycling for when things no longer work alone. Swinging Wheels are the best adult training wheels available. With our training wheels you will experience a new world full of freedom, relaxation and fun. Try our adult training wheels and be convinced! With Swinging Wheels you never have to sit on the bike and be afraid of falling again. Our products are available for all ages, even if you are younger and need extra support when cycling, even in those situations the Swinging Wheels are very good to use!

Adult training wheels – Taboo?

Adult training wheels a taboo? Despite the fact that more and more adult bicycles are equipped with training wheels, cycling sometimes still seems a taboo. Older people often do not feel comfortable with the idea of ​​cycling with training wheels. Some say training wheels are only for toddlers. In that case they only forget the …

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Cycling in a different way with adult training wheels

Some people wonder if cycling with training wheels for adults is no different and takes a lot of getting used to. We can say that this is not so bad. Most of our customers are cycling within a week with our training wheels already mastered. For example, you should take into account that you are …

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Is this really sturdy?

The Swinging Wheels are made of double 9mm spring steel per side and fitted with solid 16 inch wheels. The central bracket to which the spring arms are attached is made of 5mm thick structural steel.

Will my bike not be too heavy and too wide?

The total width of the mounted Swinging Wheels is slightly more than 70 centimeters depending on the rear width of your bicycle. For comparison; double side bags have a width of approximately 55 centimeters. Your bicycle will then be about 10 centimeters wider per side than a bicycle bag. In some cases the width can …

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Safety with adult training wheels

A customer recently visited our Swinging Wheels training center in Ede on a Friday afternoon. He was looking for a good and safe solution for his 72-year-old mother. Despite her respectable age, she still regularly got on her bike for long bike rides. His mother has always loved cycling through the woods and dunes of …

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Weight and size

The weight of the Swinging Wheels is 3.5 kilos per side. That is even less than a full shopping bag. So you don’t have to worry about the weight. The total width of the Swinging Wheels is in most cases just over 70 centimeters. You can compare it when you cycle with double side bags. …

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Questions and Answers

You hear more and more about accidents among elderly people on a bicycle, but you want to keep cycling. Sometimes you need something extra to keep feeling safe on the bike. The Swinging Wheels from B2 Products can help you with this as spring-loaded training wheels for adults. The Swinging Wheels give you that extra bit of security, allowing you to move safely and freely on the road again. Our adult side training wheels give your bike extra stability. You no longer have to worry about falls when getting on and off or stopping at the traffic light. Swinging Wheels are therefore the ideal training wheels for adults that you should not be ashamed of.

These training wheels are ideal for elderly people who have difficulty getting on and off. You can buy the Swinging Wheels via our website or try them out.

In principle, our adult training wheels always fit. It is possible to order the Swinging Wheels separately. However, we recommend that you have the training wheels purchased and installed by a specialist bicycle dealer. The mounting of the springy training wheels can NOT be compared with the mounting of, for example, side wheels on a children's bicycle.
​Your bicycle specialist will install the training wheels quickly and professionally. You will also receive an explanation of how to use it. when you have the Swinging Wheels mounted on your electric bicycle, you will immediately receive an electric tricycle with your current bicycle.

The total width of the mounted Swinging Wheels is slightly more than 70 centimeters depending on the rear width of your bicycle. For comparison; double side bags have a width of approximately 55 centimeters. Your bicycle will then be about 10 centimeters wider per side than a bicycle bag. In some cases, the width can reach 75-85 centimeters, due to a wide rear wheel or a gear hub.

Our Swinging Wheels are available for bicycles from wheel sizes 16 to 28 and also fit on your folding or children's bicycle.

Do you want to buy an electric tricycle? In that case, have our adult training wheels mounted on your electric bicycle. Then you have an electric tricycle for just the cost of the Swinging Wheels and the assembly.

You don't need much time to get used to our Swinging Wheels. Especially if you can cycle on an adult bike and only want a little more security when getting on and off. We then mount the training wheels a few centimeters from the ground. Most of the time the wheels spin around in the air while swinging, hence the name Swinging Wheels. However, the training wheels ensure that the bicycle remains upright when getting on and off.

When you need continuous support from the side training wheels, they are mounted on the ground. It takes a bit longer to get used to, because the steering feels a bit different. This is more comparable to a tricycle.

Avoid falling with the bicycle!


You can still cycle very well, but you recognize yourself in one or more points:

  • You become more insecure when you leave.
  • You become more insecure when getting off.
  • You become more insecure when you stop.

If you identify with one of the above points, you run an increased risk of falling with the bicycle. Our adult training wheels can be a good solution for you. The Swinging Wheels are sprung training stabilizers that fit any adult bicycle. This gives you the stability and safety of a tricycle at a much lower cost. The Swinging Wheels can be mounted on your existing (electric) bicycle.

Do's & Don'ts

Tips, do's & don'ts for using suspension training wheels ! 1. Make sure you are relaxed, preferably in a familiar environment. 2. Practice in pairs, especially in the beginning! 3. Never scoot and then get on, so unlearn! Squeeze the brake, then sit down and cycle away. 5. When stopping / dismounting, remain seated until the bicycle is stationary, then step off the saddle and first place the feet on the left and right of the bicycle for good stability.
6. Start practicing with the wheels low and straight to get used to. Wheels low is less fine on concave, convex and uneven roads. Take time to practice! 7. Then place the wheels a little higher, getting off and on from a standstill is still possible, the bicycle is also more pleasant on uneven roads and easier to ride straight ahead! 8. Keep the speed low, especially in the beginning, do not race, maximum 15 km / h, before braking corners. 9. Start with small laps, straight ahead to get to know the bike '' again ''. Electric drive in start out! 10. You have learned to ride a bicycle once, so you can learn to ride with training wheels, take your time!

What our customers think

John B.
Customer from England

''Both sets of SwingingWheels arrived safely from Holland last night. Now fitted to the bikes and looking good (Photos attached). Have tried a short test run and very impressed with stability, especially with wheels raised a couple of inches off the ground as recommended to give better freedom of movement. 


Now we both just need to get into the habit of getting on the bikes first before setting off and to stop completely before attempting to get off. Also need to steer clear of other obstructions like gate posts and other people. All to be expected. Good rugged design. We like them. Well pleased. Will recommend to friends. Many Thanks.''