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Standing Wheels

Fixed training stabilizers


Our Standing Wheels are the fixed training stabilizers from Swinging Wheels. To be fair, the definition of fixed training stabilizers for our Standing Wheels is actually the understatement of the century. The Standing Wheels are the cream of the crop. The Rolls-Royce of three-wheel applications.
The materials used include high-quality stainless steel, left-hand thread, right-hand thread, various 3D printed parts, luxury fenders, Schwalbe tires and disc brakes on both wheels. The overall design is a feast for the eyes. Your own bicycle is converted into a fully-fledged tricycle while you maintain the A1 quality of your own bicycle or E-bike. When converting to Standing Wheels, your rear wheel is removed from the bicycle and the gear hub N7 / N8 is reused. The Standing Wheels frame is also mounted in the back of your own bicycle.

Of course we have one or more converted bicycles with Standing Wheels in stock in Ede.
- The price for Standing Wheels including assembly is € 1495, - incl. VAT. (quotation for installation at Swinging Wheels in Ede)
- The price for Standing Wheels excluding assembly is € 1495, - incl. VAT.
When purchasing the Standing Wheels you will receive a free lesson worth € 50, - to be followed at Swinging Wheels in Ede. The Standing Wheels can of course also be supplied through your own bicycle specialist. The installation costs of the bicycle specialist are in consultation with your own bicycle specialist. It is important that the Standing Wheels are installed by a qualified technician.