You could say that cycling is part of our DNA. The Netherlands is known worldwide as a cycling country, and we are proud of that. We have many cycle paths and cycle routes throughout the country. That gives the cycling enthusiast a lot of possibilities. It is therefore very annoying if after many years of cycling pleasure you (suddenly) can no longer cycle or no longer dare to do it. Maybe you have balance problems and / or you have (due to bad experiences) fear of falling. Fortunately, there are solutions to be able to continue cycling. That way you still maintain that bit of freedom that cycling gives you and you also get enough exercise. The choice you have to make is whether you go for a tricycle or a set with training stabilizers for adults. In this article, we’ll go through both options and hope to give you insight into the pros and cons of a tricycle and training stabilizers for adults.

Why should I choose a tricycle?

There can be all kinds of reasons why you will be faced with the choice to have your bicycle adjusted / go for a tricycle. Maybe you are afraid of falling, you have an injury that makes it much more difficult to get on the bike or you have a balance disorder. Either way: it is absolutely wise to see what best suits your situation (training stabilizers for adults or a tricycle). For that reason we offer you the opportunity to take a test drive at our Swinging Wheels dealers.

What are the characteristics of a tricycle?

If you would like to use a tricycle, then it is certainly advisable to learn more about what is possible. Tricycles come in all shapes and sizes, and you can choose between all kinds of brands. One of the most famous brands is Van Raam (a Dutch brand). In addition to the Swinging Wheels, we also offer the Standing Wheels as an option. With Standing Wheels you can have your current bicycle converted into a tricycle.

Why would you go for a tricycle?

1. Tricycles are stable

With a tricycle you get stability and comfort. Tricycles are therefore designed with three wheels in mind. In addition, nothing needs to be mounted, a tricycle is “ready to ride”. For adult training stabilizers it is important that they are mounted correctly, otherwise it may feel unstable. Be that as it may, in both cases it is important that it takes getting used to. A test drive is therefore not a superfluous luxury

2. Tricycles provide balance

Perhaps the biggest advantage of a tricycle: you do not get out of balance (even when cycling slowly). The center of gravity is low, so you are closer to the ground and the whole feels more stable. All three wheels are also always on the ground (which is also possible with training stabilizers for adults).

3. Tricycles can drive in reverse (in specific cases)

If you go for a tricycle with pedal assistance, you can also cycle backwards. This can be useful when you have to drive out of a place where you cannot turn.

4. Tricycles allow you to stay seated

The last advantage of a tricycle is that you can stay seated even when standing still. So you don’t even have to put your feet on the ground when you are at the traffic light.

Types of tricycles

As mentioned before, there is a lot of choice when it comes to tricycles. Whether you go for 1 of the different tricycles that Van Raam has in its range or for the Standing Wheels (with which your current bicycle becomes a tricycle): the choice is huge. The most important thing in all of this is what best suits your needs. That is certainly important, because tricycles in particular can require a substantial investment.

To see what suits you best, we offer you the opportunity to take a test drive. This way you can see whether Swinging Wheels (training stabilizers for adults) or Standing Wheels (your bike becomes a tricycle) suits your needs.

Training stabilizers for adults

Swinging Wheels are training stabilizers for adults (and children) that offer you the opportunity, in many cases, to continue cycling on your current bike for a relatively low amount. Below you can find an overview of the benefits of Swinging Wheels.

Why would you go for adult training stabilizers?

1. You can continue to ride your current bike

In most cases, you can place the Swinging Wheels on your current bicycle. This means that you do not have to buy a new bicycle and can continue to use your current bicycle. This saves you a lot of money, and you only have to get used to the presence of an extra pair of wheels on your bike. We will always think along with you whether the Swinging Wheels are the right option for you and your bike.

2. You can take your bicycle on the bicycle carrier

Bicycles with training stabilizers for adults such as Swinging Wheels can be taken on the bicycle carrier of your car. This way you can also enjoy cycling in the vicinity of your holiday address.

3. Stability and a long-term solution

Swinging Wheels training stabilizers for adults offer you the right stability and safety. With Swinging Wheels you get a product that is not just a temporary solution. There is a choice between training stabilizers that hang slightly above the ground and training stabilizers that permanently touch the ground. Safety comes first at Swinging Wheels.

A few caveats

The most important caveat we can make with adult training stabilizers is that they must be mounted correctly. If you go for training stabilizers for adults from Swinging Wheels, we recommend that you have the assembly done by our professionals. For us, safety comes first: if your bicycle is not suitable for Swinging Wheels, we will also inform you.

As mentioned several times in this article, we recommend that you take a test drive at a Swinging Wheels dealer. The pictures and videos on this website are nice, but in the end it’s all about experiencing it yourself.

Listen to your feelings AND your mind

As far as we are concerned, it is important that you have in mind what you need for an adapted bicycle in advance. That is why we strongly recommend that you keep your eyes peeled on the internet and research what is needed.

If we have piqued your interest, you can contact us for a test drive at one of the Swinging Wheels dealers or perhaps look further on our website for information about the Swinging Wheels or Standing Wheels. By researching in advance what is possible and then planning a test drive, you have used your feeling and your reason and you can come to a good conclusion.